12 Days Before Christmas – Episode 10 – Masquerade Ball

James and Delaney's relationship soars to new heights at the resort's Christmas Ball, but with James leaving Australia soon the uncertainty over their relationship status still looms large. Marcus begins to plan for Rachel's return from L.A., while some of Ned's co-workers begin to take notice of his feelings for Carol. 


12 Days Before Christmas – Episode 9 – Yoga with Goats

James and Aubrianne visit a goat farm in Queensland and James comes to a stunning revelation of what he needs to do with his remaining two days in Australia. Meanwhile, Gavin and Páll disclose their relationship to their parents and Ned struggles to correctly say the most important line in the movie he and Carol are starring in.  

12 Days Before Christmas – Episode 7 – Secrets

Delaney and James visit the beach and although the sparks fly, it becomes clear that she is still keeping something from him. Gavin finally reveals his secret to Páll, whose reaction is very unexpected. Carol accidentally reveals her true feelings about Ned to Natalee. 

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